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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Its all good :)

There is lots to say... I will begin with my first race of the weekend.

One of the most fast, and fun races I've competed in is called the Folsom Criterium. The two factors that contribute to the fast speeds of the race were the smooth roads, and wide sweeping turns. The course is literally shaped like a 'D'. I raced the Women P/1/2/3, which had a huge turnout of 35 women! The pace was fast, and I had fun hanging in there watching the dynamics taking place. I had a mid pack finish at the end. It was nice meeting a couple new people at Folsom, and racing with friends!

Sunday my family and I left for Gilroy, since the San Jose Memorial Day Crit was the next day. We planned to have a fun day by the pool. That day turned out to be much more exciting then expected. My Specialized Dolce was recovered! Some lady contacted the owner of Carbon Lite Racing (my wheel sponsor) and asked about the price of the CLR A27 wheel set because, her friend new somebody who was selling a pair, and wanted to buy them... Well the owner of CLR said that there were only one pair of CLR A27's out there, owned by me. Long story short, she was the one who had the wheels, along with my bike, and quickly turned my bike over to the police station where we picked it up the next day. Hmmm.. If you are trying to piece off, and sell a bike you really shouldn't contact the owner of a small wheel company to find out the price of the wheels! Everything about my bike was normal except both tires were flat, and it looked as if someone had taken the back wheel off, and did not know how to put it back on... ER, PEOPLE! Anyway, I have my bike back and its in good condition along with my CLR A27 wheels, very happy about that. My Dolce is not retired yet, we have plans to make it into my Time Trial bike!

NOW, I will talk about the San Jose Memorial Day Crit! My first race was the Women 3, which started late and was cut short because of a brutal crash in the previous race. Not much happened for me, but it was pretty cool watching my friend Shannon (another Jr) take the win all because of cornering skills!!! After a long rest, I lined up again to race the Women P1/2/3 race. The wind had increased, causing some sketchy riding, but other than that it was fun! I tried to get into breaks, and stay near the front of the peleton. I had another mid pack finish.

Finally, I will talk about the Amira! Folsom was my first race on it, and I was very happy with the way it cornered. I was also happy that it did not take much adjusting to make it feel just like my Dolce! Everything felt the same.

This upcoming weekend is Dunlap TT, Distict/State Championships for Time Trialing. After that I will be at Folsom Stage Race... AND THEN NATIONALS!!!!  Will keep everyone updated!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Love and Loss and Gain

There is one thing that every cyclist fears, and that is their bike being stolen. Yes, bikes are expensive, but also think about how many miles you have ridden, how many hours, minutes, and seconds are spent training on your bike! Think of the victories you've had, the memories you've made. Think of that time when you wanted to chuck your bike of a cliff! You've crashed, bonked, and cried on your bike. Basically, you have lived most of your life on two wheels and a saddle. All of the memories that you have made, make your bike 'expensive' to you.

My Dolce was given to me from the Chico cycling community, almost two years ago. That was a very exciting day. Ever since then, I rode it like crazy. I spent thousands of miles in the saddle, and raced over 50 races up until the day it was stolen. If I could get it back, I would find some way to pin it up on my 'Wall Of Accomplishments' along with all of my race numbers, medals, and state championship jersey. Either that or I would give it to a little girl who is beginning to race, so she too, could ride it like crazy and make memories.

I was devastated the day my bike was stolen. All throughout the day I tried not to cry. Once though, during Spanish class, I did get teary-eyed. The girl next to me thought I was nuts, and gave me a strange look. I admit, I probably would think the same thing if she randomly began to cry. Anyway, that day was very stressful. A lot of things went through my mind. When can I get a bike? When will I be able to train again? Would I be able to race this weekend? If I did not get a bike quick, I would not be possible to train or race, which could effect me in the long run (It's a scary thought with Nationals coming up so quickly).

I want to thank EVERYONE in the cycling community (from Chico to the Bay Area) who offered to lend me their bikes. It is extremely wonderful to have so much positive support when such a negative occasion occurs. I feel so lucky to know you all :-))


I am also very lucky to know such an awesome bike shop! Chico Sports LTD has helped me through thick and thin. They first helped me get my Dolce; now Edd Hamilton of Chico Sports LTD along with Ken McClenahan, Andrew Acaya, and Mike Sinyard of Specialized have helped to get me on a Specialized Amira!

Isn't she lovely! Isn't she wonderful! Isn't she precious!
 I am amazed with this bike, beyond words. I have tried to come up with analogies, but none of them actually compare to the real deal. Since my Dolce was not a race bike, the thing I'm most amazed with, is the stiffness of the Amira. Think of a roller coaster, when it goes around a corner, its very fast and smooth. The Specialized Amira is like that. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Like the Dolce, the Amira is womens specific geometry, and again like the Dolce, it fits me like a glove. I am very happy to be on Specialized again.

I am real excited to race my Amira this weekend. I will be at the Folsom Criterium and San Jose Memorial Day Criterium. Again, thanks to everyone for all of the support.

More blogs will be up soon. :-))