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Saturday, October 6, 2012

End of the season

Yes, It is the end of another season of racing, and now, I am in the middle of my two weeks 'off" the bike. Although it is very relaxing, and I know I should enjoy these couple weeks off, I can't help but think of my races this last year, which makes me think about the things I want to improve on, which makes me want to begin my winter training so I can become stronger, and that makes me think about how much I want next season to come around... NOW!

But that is not going to happen for another 5 months! Aliya, stay calm, stay calm, you can do this, you don't have to have everything happen at the moment you want it to happen. So DEAL!

So during this time 'off ' the bike my family and I picked up a new puppy, I am beginning to pack on the schoolwork so I have only a little amount when the 2013 race season comes along, and I am looking forward to some hikes!


OK, here I go again, thinking about last season, winter training (Need. To. Get. STRONGER) and next season.

While I am thinking about all of that, I might as well talk about it. So here I go, rewind all the way back to February 19th 2012, Copper Town Circuit race...

My eye lids were heavy, I wished to fall back asleep, but couldn't. It was the first out of many times this year that I would wake up at a most abnormal hour, to drive 4 hours to somewhere. Yes, it was the beginning of the 2012 race season. I could not fall back asleep for that very reason. I was just so excited! February 19th was also the first day that I would race as a W3.

I had placed 5th, which was not bad for the first race of the year. And after that, the craziness began.
Race after race. Hours upon hours in the car. Back and fourth to the Bay Area. In the beginning of the season, my family and I drove over to Tucson, AZ for the Tucson Bicycle Classic. The courses are really awesome, and I look forward to racing it again next year! Other trips were to Monterey for Sea Otter, and Georgia for Nationals.

I have really adapted to the hours spent in the car. I enjoy it because of the time I spend with my family, the scenery (all though I probably have memorized every turn in the road, from here to the Bay Area), and the excitement for the upcoming race.

This season I have acquired meaningful experiences from the W1/2/3 fields. Especially races like Fast and Furious and Tour de Nez where I had great opportunities to race with pros from Exergy, Vanderkitten, and Now and Novartis.

Some people have asked me whether or not I feel burned out from racing. Although I am relieved that I get some time off the bike, the answer is a definite no. When I have made a  mistake in a race, or realized that I could have done something else to get a better placing, I never feel discouraged. I always want to continue to improve, and that is what drives me to keep racing. Because when I do learn from my mistakes, I am usually successful in a race, and I become pumped and want to race even more! So basically its this whole cycle: Make mistake, learn from mistake, succeed, get happy, race more!

Racing has really brought my family together, also. In all reality, how many families actually travel around the state and country just to race bikes!? We get to see cool places, and it's also hard to ignore each other while cooped up in that small area, might as well have a discussion! Racing has even extended my family. I have met some very cool people that have helped me learn and grow, as an athlete and a person. I can't thank those people enough, because I really love this sport, and want to advance in it, and  they have helped do so.

I am grateful for every conversation, all of the encouragement, and MOST of the teasing. Thank you everyone! And thousands of thanks to my parents, for driving me to races weekend after weekend. I know there are other things you could be doing, such as finishing the barn and working with the horses, but you continue to take me to races because you know I love it, and that I want to go far with the sport, and you guys love it too!!! : )

I will keep everyone updated!