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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A weekend in the Bay Area

Wow!!! I had a Very busy weekend in the Bay  Area! My family and I woke up early Saturday ready to have a weekend packed with plans in Los Altos. When we arrived to our destination, the first thing I did was prepare for a Clinic with Team TIBCO, mentored by Megan Guarnier.

After the ride we checked into our hotel and had a couple of hours to ourself's. That evening we went to see Secretariat in an old movie theater. Prior to the movie, we had to find a place to get candy. We had some difficulties then found a Target!

The next day I rode with Team TIBCO again. That day I also met and rode ( for the first time ) with the director of Team TIBCO, Linda Jackson! Linda must like climbing, we climbed almost 3900 ft. and she managed to drop everyone. I had a good time! Then all of the sudden it started raining 'Cats and Dogs'!

While I was riding with Team TIBCO, my mom and brother visited the Egyptian Museum! They had a blast! We ended the weekend with a dinner with the Tibco ladies!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yet another adventure!

I have a blog now! This will be another way for everybody to keep up with all of my adventures!