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Sunday, November 6, 2011

End of year Highlights

Yes, it HAS been a VERY long time since I wrote a blog... But I have finally found time to write some quick highlights of my last few races.

OK, I will start at the Challenge Challenge RR. So there was only one other W4 besides me, so we got to race with the pros. I met a couple very nice pros that gave me some helpful tips (also, I won my category)! Folsom Cyclebration, Henleyville RR, and Oakland Grand Prix,were a blast as I had a great teammate to work with.

Folsom Cyclebration, I placed 6th overall. Henleyville RR, I experienced my first break  in a 54 mile road race and finished 5th. For Oakland Grand Prix (my last race of the season), I was able to get in my first solo break for a few laps. I snagged a prime, but sadly went into my spacers on the last lap, so I lost some positioning, but finished 11th.

Team TIBCO has been such a great support to me all season from team owner Linda Jackson who never hesitates to give a quick email of  "Great job Aliya", to my pro mentor Megan Guarnier who always takes time to talk to me and check in at the races. Jr director Felicia Gomez for her amazing pep talks at Nationals. And of course, the great racing with Team TIBCO II all season long.

I  want to thank Sports LTD and The Bicycle Wheel. These two shops have never failed to keep me race ready!

Rodney Cox of R.A.C.E events helped to create the cycling junkie I have become, through his local events....thank you a million times over Rodney!!

Next, I want to thank EVERYBODY from Chico who helped me get to Nationals this year. I would not have been able to go without you guys!

My stepdad Mark, the funniest and most patient coach ever and my mom for keeping us all on schedule.

I met some really special, and totally awesome women this year, at the NCNCA races, who have really helped me achieve some of my goals and dreams. All of the  'Great Job!'s, and, 'Keep it going's, have really encouraged me to pursue what I love to do! I thank all of you for your support.

I enter next season as a Cat 3..... this should be another exciting adventure!