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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After a long flight to Boston, and a few days spent in Maine (visiting family); here I am, in Montreal, on the eve of the prologue of the Tour of Rimouski!

 It has been an eventful week, and a very special experience overall. This has been my first time on the east coast and I was able to visit my adorable cousins that I have not seen in years. I had a couple wonderful rides while I was in Maine. The roads were quiet, and every so often I would pass a lake or pond. The houses were just awesome, also!

Sunday afternoon, Mark and I left for Canada! The drive up here was gorgeous. In the evening I met two of my teammates, Stephanie and Melyssa (the third, Emma, lives far away, and I will get to meet her tomorrow). I also met their wonderful parents, all of whom, are so nice and humorous. They have definitely made Mark and I feel comfortable and welcome here in Montreal!

Yesterday, I met all of the guys on VCL-Andre Cycle who will race at Tour of Rimouski, along with the coaches of VCL. I went to a team skills clinic, where the teams going to Rimouski worked on the Team Time Trial and also worked on changing wheels if we get a flat in the race, and drafting back up to the peloton. All of the coaches were so nice as well.... everyone is so nice!

I am so thankful to all of the people who helped me get here. This has sure been an adventure... and its not over yet! There is more to come.. lots more!

Now here are the pictures, enjoy!

The bike is all packed up and ready!

Leaving Nevada

A pretty cool housing development flying into Chicago for our layover.

Leaving Chicago for Boston.

The view from my hotel room in Boston the next day... Rainy...

Visiting family in Maine.

Beautiful ride in Maine.

A pretty lake in Maine.

Another pretty lake in Maine.

And another one.......

A nice ride with my awesome cousins.

Oh, and another lake.

Leaving Chico!


A ride with the cousins and a cool barn.
And now in Montreal with the team!